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The language for building web pages.

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The language for styling web pages.

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The most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world.

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A lightweight data-interchange format, easier than XML.

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🗄️ XML

A simple text-based format for representing structured information.

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🗄️ XML Document Type Definition

A grammar to formally describe and validate XML documents.

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🗄️ XML Schema Definition

A W3C-recommended language to formally describe and validate XML documents. (More powerful than DTD)

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A standard way to access and manipulate XML documents.

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🗄️ XML XPath

A query language for XML documents.

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A standard language to transform XML documents into other types of documents.

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🗄️ XML XQuery

A functional query language that is built on XPath.

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A cleaner and stricter version of HTML.

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🌍 .htaccess

A simple text files containing Apache server configuration directives.

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💻 Batch Scripting

A language in which commands are executed sequentially by the Microsoft command interpreter (CMD.exe).

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A human-readable data serialization language used mainly for configuration files, data storage or transmission.

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