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YAML Structure

YAML Structure

In YAML, there can be multiple directives or documents in a single file.

The separation of documents in YAML is made with three dashes (---) and the end of document is marked with three dots (...).

For example:

# Tom
first_name: Tom
last_name: Nolan
hair_color: Black
married: true
name: Greta
occupation: Doctor
- Gardening
- Instagram

# Luke
first_name: Luke
last_name: Smith
hair_color: Brown
married: false

When we add three dots (...) in place of three dashes, these three dots will provide the signal about the end of this directive or this entire collection by closing the data stream.


Three dashes --- and three dots ... are needed if you want to insert multiple documents in the same stream.

Most of the YAML configuration files you will encounter will have a single document for each stream, so dashes and dots are entirely optional in these cases.

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