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Batch Script Environment

Let's see the environment related to Batch Script.

Writing and Executing

The easiest way to create a batch file is to use Notepad (but you can use any other text editor).

This is the simplest tool for creation of batch files.

The execution environment for the batch scripts is the command prompt, or cmd.exe, on WIndows systems.

You can launch cmd.exe in different ways:

  • Via the run command or search bar in Start menu (easiest way)
  • Doucle click on the cmd file in C:\Windows\System32

Once cmd.exe is launched, the command prompt will be displayed.

Environment Variables

In order to run batch files from the command prompt, you either need to go to the location to where the batch file is stored or alternatively you can enter the file location in the path environment variable. Thus assuming that the batch file is stored in the location C:\Application\bin, you would need to follow these instructions for the PATH variable inclusion.

In Windows, you need to append the String C:\Application\bin to the end of the system variable PATH.