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Sass Built-In Modules

Sass provides many built-in modules which contain useful functions (and the occasional mixin). These modules can be loaded with the @use rule like any user-defined stylesheet, and their functions can be called.

All built-in module URLs begin with sass: to indicate that they're part of Sass itself.

Sass provides the following built-in modules:

  • The sass:color module generates new colors based on existing ones, making it easy to build color themes.

  • The sass:list module lets you access and modify values in lists.

  • The sass:map module makes it possible to look up the value associated with a key in a map, and much more.

  • The sass:math module provides functions that operate on numbers.

  • The sass:meta module exposes the details of Sass’s inner workings.

  • The sass:selector module provides access to Sass’s powerful selector engine.

  • The sass:string module makes it easy to combine, search, or split apart strings.

See official Sass documentation for more details.