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XML Related Technologies

Some XML-based technologies:

XHTMLExtensible htmlIt is a clearer and stricter version of XML. It belongs to the family of XML markup languages. It was developed to make html more extensible and increase inter-operability with other data.
XML DOMXML document object modelIt is a standard document model that is used to access and manipulate XML. It defines the XML file in tree structure.
XSL it contain three parts: i) XSLT (xsl transform) ii) XSL iii)XPathExtensible style sheet languagei) It transforms XML into other formats, like html. ii) It is used for formatting XML to screen, paper etc. iii) It is a language to navigate XML documents.
XQueryXML query languageIt is a XML based language which is used to query XML based data.
DTDDocument type definitionIt is an standard which is used to define the legal elements in an XML document.
XSDXML schema definitionIt is an XML based alternative to dtd. It is used to describe the structure of an XML document.
XLinkXML linking languagexlink stands for XML linking language. This is a language for creating hyperlinks (external and internal links) in XML documents.
XPointerXML pointer languageIt is a system for addressing components of XML based internet media. It allows the xlink hyperlinks to point to more specific parts in the XML document.
SOAPSimple object access protocolIt is an acronym stands simple object access protocol. It is XML based protocol to let applications exchange information over http. in simple words you can say that it is protocol used for accessing web services.
WSDLweb services description languagesIt is an XML based language to describe web services. It also describes the functionality offered by a web service.
RDFResource description frameworkRDF is an XML based language to describe web resources. It is a standard model for data interchange on the web. It is used to describe the title, author, content and copyright information of a web page.
SVGScalable vector graphicsIt is an XML based vector image format for two-dimensional images. It defines graphics in XML format. It also supports animation.
RSSReally simple syndicationRSS is a XML-based format to handle web content syndication. It is used for fast browsing for news and updates. It is generally used for news like sites.